Leading 50 science cities in physical sciences

The leading 50 science cities and metropolitan areas in physical sciences ranked by article share (Share) in 2020. Also listed are each city’s article count (Count) in 2020, and its contribution to the location’s total Share of the year.

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Rank City/metropolitan area Location Share 2020 Count 2020 Contribution to location's Share (%)
1BeijingChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau1,028.332,42924.1%
2New York metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)579.021,51410.7%
3Boston metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)536.681,3769.9%
4San Francisco Bay AreaUnited States of America (USA)524.541,4159.7%
5Tokyo metropolitan areaJapan487.391,16644.6%
6ShanghaiChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau454.861,15110.7%
7Paris metropolitan areaFrance400.051,18854.1%
8Seoul metropolitan areaSouth Korea390.2388351.8%
9Baltimore - WashingtonUnited States of America (USA)313.079935.8%
10Los Angeles metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)297.888535.5%
11Chicago metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)294.408455.4%
13NanjingChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau263.196976.2%
14London metropolitan areaUnited Kingdom (UK)237.7177121.3%
15HefeiChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau227.746395.3%
16WuhanChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau225.555765.3%
19CambridgeUnited Kingdom (UK)186.5553416.7%
20Berlin metropolitan areaGermany175.9755610.7%
21Hong KongChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau172.465354.0%
22GuangzhouChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau170.975244.0%
23DaejeonSouth Korea161.8442221.5%
24ShenzhenChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau156.054933.7%
26HangzhouChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau143.354133.4%
27OxfordUnited Kingdom (UK)138.2755312.4%
29TianjinChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau133.633393.1%
30Barcelona metropolitan areaSpain131.4143329.8%
31Xi’anChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau130.133423.0%
35Philadelphia metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)114.873492.1%
36IthacaUnited States of America (USA)105.662982.0%
38Ann ArborUnited States of America (USA)105.253221.9%
39ChengduChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau102.232332.4%
41Santa BarbaraUnited States of America (USA)99.152651.8%
42ChangchunChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau98.142392.3%
43ChangshaChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau96.202582.3%
44SuzhouChina mainland, Hong Kong, Macau95.502552.2%
45Houston metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)94.742971.8%
46San Diego metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)94.522821.7%
48Toronto metropolitan areaCanada92.6227123.5%
50UrbanaUnited States of America (USA)90.732301.7%

*Singapore is a city-state.