Top 25 science cities in Earth & environmental sciences

The table shows the top 25 science cities and metropolitan areas in Earth & environmental sciences ranked by article Share (Share) in the subject in 2019. Also shown are each city’s article count (Count) in Earth & environmental sciences in 2019, and its contritution to the region’s total subject Share of the year.

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Rank City/metropolitan area Region Share 2019 Count 2019 Contribution
to region's
Share* (%)
1BeijingMainland China493.731,05330.3%
2Baltimore-WashingtonUnited States of America (USA)217.026497.6%
3New York metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)208.925857.3%
4NanjingMainland China194.9441312.0%
5San Francisco-San JoseUnited States of America (USA)192.305206.7%
6Los Angeles metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)162.034695.7%
7BoulderUnited States of America (USA)138.664364.8%
8Boston metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)131.944144.6%
9WuhanMainland China129.672828.0%
11Tokyo metropolitan areaJapan119.8529941.8%
12Paris metropolitan areaFrance115.6937634.3%
13GuangzhouMainland China112.192916.9%
14ShanghaiMainland China97.172446.0%
15Seattle metropolitan areaUnited States of America (USA)75.282162.6%
16Berlin metropolitan areaGermany72.9720317.0%
17London metropolitan areaUnited Kingdom (UK)71.3725213.3%
18Hong KongHong Kong66.811614.1%
20HangzhouMainland China59.051443.6%
21HefeiMainland China58.611373.6%
23Toronto metropolitan areaCanada57.3413818.9%
24Seoul metropolitan areaSouth Korea53.0512255.1%
25CambridgeUnited Kingdom (UK)51.591669.6%

*When calculating the contribution for Mainland China cities and Hong Kong, their combined region output is used.