Top 20 corporate science cities

The top 20 corporate science cities and metro areas (MA), ranked by the fractional count (FC) for 2017 of corporate institutions based in the city. Also listed are each city’s total number of articles (AC) in 2017, and the corporate share of the city’s total FC.

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RankCity / Metropolitan AreaCountry / RegionFC 2017AC 2017Corporate
share of city
FC (%)
1San Francisco - San JoseUnited States of America (USA)127.363857.6%
2New York MAUnited States of America (USA)99.202815.0%
3Boston - Cambridge - NewtonUnited States of America (USA)75.773064.2%
4Tokyo MAJapan49.121724.1%
5Baltimore - WashingtonUnited States of America (USA)30.781832.4%
6San Diego - CarlsbadUnited States of America (USA)26.011154.6%
8Seoul MASouth Korea17.32722.4%
9CambridgeUnited Kingdom (UK)16.84743.0%
10Philadelphia MAUnited States of America (USA)16.39533.5%
12WellingtonNew Zealand14.164336.0%
13Houston MAUnited States of America (USA)13.10583.2%
14Seattle - Tacoma - BellevueUnited States of America (USA)13.01573.8%
15London MAUnited Kingdom (UK)12.61541.9%
16Paris MAFrance12.25621.3%
17Kyoto - Osaka - Kobe (Keihanshin)Japan11.03501.6%
19Chicago - Naperville - ElginUnited States of America (USA)10.33471.4%
20BoulderUnited States of America (USA)9.06333.2%