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Top corporate institutions by normalized WFC

The tables show Japan’s leading institutions ranked by normalized weighted fractional count (WFC), an indicator of an institution’s high-quality research output as a proportion of total output in the natural sciences (NS) from 2012 to 2017. This is derived by dividing an institution’s WFC in the Nature Index (WFC 2012–2017) by its total number of natural sciences articles in Scopus (Scopus NS articles 2012–2017). Also listed are an institution’s total number of articles in the Nature Index (AC 2012–2017) and the percentage of its total articles in Scopus that are in the natural sciences (NS articles (%) 2012–2017).

RankInstitutionSectorNormalized WFC
Nature Index WFC
NS articles
Nature Index AC
NS articles (%)
1Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)corporate0.0634108.181,70619050.8%
2Rigaku Corporationcorporate0.052711.3821658100.0%
3Shimadzu Corporationcorporate0.049514.202876292.0%
4Toshiba Corporationcorporate0.044338.768746670.2%
5Toyota Groupcorporate0.038770.011,80713777.5%
6FujiFilm Corporationcorporate0.03306.371936079.1%
7JEOL Ltd.corporate0.030410.923598198.4%
8Hitachi, Ltd.corporate0.017831.361,76614873.5%
9Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.corporate0.017111.016457570.6%
10NEC Corporationcorporate0.01698.565075756.3%
11Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limitedcorporate0.016318.401,1307483.6%
12Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.corporate0.01406.264485075.5%
13Mitsubishi Groupcorporate0.013119.521,49212274.9%