Top 100 corporate institutions

The leading corporate institutions for high-quality science, ranked by their weighted fractional count (WFC) for the five-year period from 2012 to 2016. Also shown are the corporation’s total number of articles (AC) and average contribution to the share of authorship in collaborations with academic institutions (see A guide to the Nature Index, page S29).

collaboration share*
1IBM CorporationUnited States of America (USA)266.5357651.8%
2F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGSwitzerland222.2748552.9%
Genentech, Inc.United States of America (USA)178.7030554.1%
3Novartis International AGSwitzerland173.4653349.3%
4Samsung GroupSouth Korea133.7935744.2%
5Pfizer Inc.United States of America (USA)110.4827450.8%
6Merck & Co., Inc.United States of America (USA)108.8924746.8%
7Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)Japan101.0917847.0%
8GlaxoSmithKline plc. (GSK)United Kingdom (UK)100.0433852.4%
9AstraZeneca plcUnited Kingdom (UK)91.1432940.4%
MedImmune, LLCUnited States of America (USA)19.054751.2%
10Amgen Inc.United States of America (USA)75.3219563.0%
deCODE GeneticsIceland16.529867.6%
11Toyota GroupJapan63.0212060.5%
Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.Japan40.397162.9%
Toyota Motor CorporationJapan17.454157.6%
13Eli Lilly and CompanyUnited States of America (USA)47.0913750.0%
14Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.United States of America (USA)41.5219150.7%
FEI CompanyUnited States of America (USA)11.816544.3%
15C. H. Boehringer Sohn AG & Co. KG (Boehringer Ingelheim)Germany41.379636.8%
16GNS ScienceNew Zealand39.5017646.7%
17Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)United States of America (USA)39.128055.9%
18Johnson & JohnsonUnited States of America (USA)37.469848.4%
19Toshiba CorporationJapan30.855255.5%
20Microsoft CorporationUnited States of America (USA)30.6714154.6%
21Formosa Plastics GroupTaiwan29.9512245.9%
23Leidos Holdings, Inc.United States of America (USA)29.3327244.7%
24Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI)United States of America (USA)27.1914843.0%
25Bruker CorporationUnited States of America (USA)27.1515442.5%
26Hitachi, Ltd.Japan26.6012436.0%
27Thales S.A.France26.4717455.2%
28BASF SEGermany25.1214234.9%
29HP Inc.United States of America (USA)24.355972.9%
30Merck KGaAGermany21.7710539.1%
31Western Digital CorporationUnited States of America (USA)20.796544.5%
HGST, Inc.United States of America (USA)15.575345.6%
32Intel CorporationUnited States of America (USA)19.868737.0%
33Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.United States of America (USA)19.317552.6%
34LG CorporationSouth Korea18.384948.6%
35The Dow Chemical Company**United States of America (USA)18.087536.3%
36Agilent Technologies, Inc.United States of America (USA)17.138455.7%
37E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont)**United States of America (USA)16.895744.2%
38Mitsubishi GroupJapan16.3510135.9%
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC)Japan12.808835.6%
39NorthWest Research Associates, Inc. (NWRA)United States of America (USA)15.877655.6%
40New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB)United States of America (USA)15.513861.5%
41Corning IncorporatedUnited States of America (USA)15.193841.6%
42Takeda Pharmaceutical Company LimitedJapan14.946142.9%
43General Electric Company (GE)United States of America (USA)14.944452.7%
44Panasonic CorporationJapan14.773245.1%
45Waters CorporationUnited States of America (USA)14.684747.7%
46Novo Nordisk A/SDenmark14.646341.8%
47Illumina, Inc.United States of America (USA)14.168951.2%
48Lockheed Martin CorporationUnited States of America (USA)14.1518056.2%
49Alphabet Inc.United States of America (USA)13.874957.0%
Google Inc.United States of America (USA)13.484658.9%
50China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina)China13.624948.4%
51SRI InternationalUnited States of America (USA)13.484648.7%
52Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Philips)Netherlands13.207028.2%
53Exxon Mobil Corporation (ExxonMobil)United States of America (USA)13.146224.0%
54Xerox CorporationUnited States of America (USA)13.084541.4%
55Bayer AGGermany13.048840.5%
56OSRAM Licht AGGermany12.522765.5%
57Shimadzu CorporationJapan12.325228.4%
58General AtomicsUnited States of America (USA)12.247943.6%
59China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC)China11.643843.7%
60Anglo American plcUnited Kingdom (UK)11.395352.3%
De Beers Group of CompaniesSouth Africa11.145153.4%
61Nokia CorporationFinland11.365944.5%
62D. E. Shaw ResearchUnited States of America (USA)11.362667.0%
63China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC)China11.2712825.9%
64Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell)Netherlands11.264950.0%
65Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.United States of America (USA)11.203239.4%
66HRL Laboratories LLCUnited States of America (USA)10.842051.9%
67Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.Japan10.676625.5%
68Center for Nanotechnology GmbH (CeNTech GmbH)Germany10.614346.0%
69FiberHome Technologies GroupChina10.599332.2%
70General Motors (GM)United States of America (USA)10.283745.0%
71Seattle Genetics, Inc.United States of America (USA)10.231220.2%
72Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. (AER)United States of America (USA)10.194753.5%
73Polyera CorporationUnited States of America (USA)10.104673.4%
74UCB S.A.Belgium10.005041.4%
75Carlsberg FoundationDenmark9.652056.1%
76Nestlé S.A.Switzerland9.643054.4%
77AB Sciex LLCUnited States of America (USA)9.542561.9%
78Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.United States of America (USA)9.483459.8%
79Applied Materials, Inc.United States of America (USA)9.285140.2%
80Raytheon CompanyUnited States of America (USA)9.2411755.6%
81JEOL Ltd.Japan9.166738.2%
82GATS Inc.United States of America (USA)8.893161.2%
83Rigaku CorporationJapan8.744335.7%
84NEC CorporationJapan8.665542.4%
86Gilead Sciences, Inc.United States of America (USA)8.492849.2%
87Uni Research Ltd.Norway8.469037.1%
88Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.United States of America (USA)8.462862.9%
89Johnson Matthey (JM)United Kingdom (UK)8.312255.2%
90Chevron CorporationUnited States of America (USA)8.304041.1%
91Schlumberger LimitedUnited States of America (USA)8.182952.1%
92Biogen Inc.United States of America (USA)8.064541.5%
93Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.Japan8.041855.5%
94Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.Japan7.963538.7%
95Micron Technology, Inc.United States of America (USA)7.871347.0%
96Aerodyne Research, Inc. (ARI)United States of America (USA)7.545652.6%
97Sangamo BioSciences Inc.United States of America (USA)7.291767.8%
98AbbVie Inc.United States of America (USA)7.131948.3%
99Koninklijke DSM N.V. (DSM)Netherlands7.093549.1%
100UnileverUnited Kingdom (UK)6.863044.7%

Subsidiaries with a WFC greater than the 100th ranked corporate institution are also included in the tables, listed below their parent institution. Output for subsidiaries is included in the parent institution’s output.
*Based on the average percentage contribution to collaborations with academic institutions 2012–2016
**The Dow Chemical Company and DuPont merged to become DowDuPont Inc. in August 2017