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Nature Index 2016 Collaborations Vol. 539 No. 7629 ppS1-S40

Nature Index 2016 Collaborations

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Institutions and countries responsible for some of the highest quality science tend to form the strongest partnerships. Nature Index 2016 Collaborations highlights some of the most fruitful collaborations, such as those resulting from the bonds between China and the United States. The two countries produce the most high-quality science publications, and collaborate more than any other international pairing.

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Nature Index 2016 Collaborations

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  • China and the US unite to study forests in a warming world

    Researchers from the United States and China collaborate with each other more than any other international pairing. The Harvard China Project brings together scientists from these nations to study and mitigate the effects of climate change. A goal of the project is to share knowledge and data about how different kinds of forests and vegetation affect carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

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