Incubating excellent researchers at Japan's finest institutes

Nature 527 (12 November 2015)
Published online 11 November 2015

In conjunction with its numerous ‘parent institutes’, SOKENDAI offers comprehensive doctoral programmes that provide students with the opportunity to study in an ideal academic environment while enjoying access to cutting-edge facilities and being steered by the finest researchers.

Established in 1988 as Japan’s first independent graduate university, SOKENDAI offers three- and five-year doctoral programmes. SOKENDAI is unique in that it is affiliated with world-renowned, international research bases, known as Inter-University Research Institutes (IURIs). Most professors and students at SOKENDAI conduct research and study as members of IURIs, which provide ideal environments for these activities. In particular, students have access to the large-scale experimental and analytical facilities of the IURIs that host their schools.

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This system allows a favourable staff-to-student ratio of 2.5 faculty members per student to be achieved, so that it offers a rich educational environment for doctoral studies. In addition, being an independent graduate university, SOKENDAI attracts students from various universities, backgrounds and nationalities.

Graduate education at SOKENDAI covers a wide range of fields including cultural studies and the natural sciences. Teaching is conducted at the 20 departments of the 18 IURIs, where joint, cross-field research is actively pursued in conjunction with other institutes in Japan and overseas. This environment provides the optimum conditions for students, allowing them to acquire high levels of expertise, a cross-disciplinary perspective and an international outlook. This fosters excellent researchers with outstanding knowledge and a broad perspective.

SOKENDAI aims to establish a new research graduate school that accepts both bachelor and master graduates from diverse academic backgrounds who are ready to take on a challenge.


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