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Nature Index supplements


Nature Index 2020 Science Cities

Nature Index Science cities showcases the top 100 cities in the Nature Index and the stories of success behind the top 5, examining their strengths, challenges and paths ahead.

Nature Index 2020 South Korea

A concerted government push to make South Korea an innovation leader, backed by strong investment and systemic reform, has brought rapid and long-lasting results. The country’s scientific landscape is becoming more diverse and more productive, as a place where upwardly mobile researchers thrive.

Nature Index 2020 Cancer

This supplement features stories of success and challenges in the hard-fought and expensive race to increase survival rates. But it’s not all good news - improved treatments may still be out of reach in the countries where 70% of global cancer deaths occur.


Nature Index 2019 Materials Science

This supplement explores the materials that will give rise to the new industries of the future. It highlights the intriguing field of energy harvesting and profiles the early career stars who are expanding the physical world through new materials discoveries.

Nature Index 2019 Collaboration and Big Science

This supplement explores the effects of political instability and escalating trade tensions on US-China and UK-EU research collaborations, and highlights the most successful 'big science' players in high-energy physics, genomics and oncology.

Nature Index 2019 Young Universities

This supplement highlights the world’s leading young universities (aged 50 and under) in the natural sciences in the Nature Index, and explores the research and the strategies behind their success.

Nature Index 2019 Biomedical Sciences

The biomedical sciences have helped global average life expectancy rise by 20 years since 1960. This supplement highlights scientists and institutions prominent in the ongoing research effort that will further transform our ideals of a healthy human life in the coming decades.

Nature Index 2019 Japan

Japan is looking to other countries in its efforts to arrest the alarming decline in its high-quality scientific research. The strategy of funding selected institutions to boost their overseas collaboration is starting to bear fruit. The proportion of articles co-authored with international researchers has increased, but correcting the slide in overall output is proving difficult.


Nature Index 2018 China

China’s rise is the story of the century in science. Its scientific output has already overtaken that of the United States, but on measures of quality, such as articles published in the high-quality journals tracked by the Nature Index, it still has a big gap to close. Some exceptional disciplines, though, are leading the way to overcoming the quality deficit.

Nature Index 2018 Science Cities

Nature Index 2018 Science Cities profiles five science cities that are leaders in their regions. But each is contending with problems of equity and engagement that need to be addressed to keep them strong.

Nature Index 2018 Rising Stars

If ideas are the flames burning from the torches of discovery, scientists are the hands that hold them. Creative minds uphold the scientific enterprise.

Nature Index 2018 Earth and Environmental Sciences

For every top ten country producer of Earth and environmental sciences except China, output has been declining. Climate change is the issue that looms largest.

Nature Index 2018 Japan

Has Japan’s contribution to high quality scientific output continued to decline?


Nature Index 2017 Science Inc.

This supplement investigates the changing role of corporate institutions in the world of science and the costs and benefits to high-quality research of these evolving arrangements.

Nature Index 2017 United States

This supplement reveals that the country’s output of high-quality research in the natural sciences has declined over the past five years, following on from long-term declines in federal funding for research and development.

Nature Index 2017 Science Cities

Science thrives in cities. With two-thirds of the global population projected to live in urban areas by 2050, cities will become even more distinctly the domain of knowledge and innovation.

Nature Index 2017 Saudi Arabia

Through investment in research and education – and a new focus on maximising the commercial value of its academic prowess – the country is beating a path to reducing its reliance on oil.

Nature Index 2017 Innovation

Nature Index 2017 Innovation examines the connection between high-quality research and the commercialization of new products and services

Nature Index 2017 China

This report looks beyond China’s continued increase in publication output and examines how it holds up in other factors that contribute to a functioning research ecosystem.

Nature Index 2017 Japan

Japan’s status as a science superstar is vulnerable. This supplement examines Japan’s efforts to arrest the decline and return to form as an innovative nation.


Nature Index 2016 Collaborations

The supplement highlights some of the most fruitful collaborations between institutions and countries, such as those resulting from the bonds between China and the United States.

Nature Index 2016 Australia and New Zealand

The supplement highlights these countries’ quality natural science research.

Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars

This supplement identifies the ascendant performers in the world of science.

Nature Index 2016 Saudi Arabia

In 2015 Saudi Arabia had the largest growth of its region in the production of high-quality research tracked by the Nature Index, propelling the country into a leading position.

Nature Index 2016 Japan

Japan is among the top producers of high quality research in the Nature Index, but new analysis reveals this position is being challenged.


Nature Index 2015 China

Nature Index 2015 China reveals the country’s output of high quality science continues to grow – a trend that shows no signs of slowing.

Nature Index 2015 Collaborations

The supplement paints a picture of global research partnerships and yields insights into the power and impact of joint research.

Nature Index 2015 Global

The supplement explores research productivity — as well as patterns of collaboration — across nine global regions.

Nature Index 2015 Asia-Pacific

The supplement highlights research excellence in Asia-Pacific, home to some of the world’s most dynamic centres of science and technology.


Nature Index 2014 China

The supplement shines a spotlight on China, and analyses the country’s Nature Index outputs during calendar year 2013.

Nature Index 2014 Global

The supplement analyses global outputs from the Nature Index during the previous calendar year.