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3 ways to make your scientific images accurate, informative and accessible

8 February 2021

Andy Tay

It’s all in the detail, from colour choice to how methods are documented, and everything in between. 

German science on the world stage: visualized

30 November 2020

Nature Index

Infographics reveal the nation’s strengths.

How to make a coronavirus data visualization that counts

21 July 2020

Gemma Conroy

It’s easy to get it wrong, so here are 5 principles for getting it right.

Behind the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus dashboard

7 April 2020

Jeffrey Perkel

How a spur-of-the-moment decision went viral.

This interactive map reveals which journals cite each other the most

14 February 2020

Gemma Conroy

Capturing the exchange of ideas.

Scientists are curious and passionate and ready to argue

12 February 2020

Catherine Armitage

A robot career adviser’s personality assessment, based on analysis of tweets.

The world's richest people by degrees

4 February 2020

Gemma Conroy

Yes, some of them studied science.

The fastest rising institutions in materials science: visualized

12 December 2019

Nature Index

Chinese institutions monopolize the fastest-rising ranks for materials-science output in the Nature Index.

Physics, life sciences, genetics: three big players and their top partners

26 November 2019

Nature Index

Research is a global game, yet even for top collaborators, the closest partners are mainly local.

The growth of papers is crowding out old classics

4 November 2019

Gemma Conroy

The benefits of middle age. 

Unmasking the hidden networks behind academic success

25 October 2019

Margath Walker

They work well for some.

This graphic shows India’s population overtaking China

8 October 2019

Gemma Conroy

Visualizing what growth looks like.

These mind-bending visualizations show nature in motion

1 October 2019

Gemma Conroy

Capturing movement on a grand scale.

These striking animations show the real impacts of climate change

24 September 2019

Gemma Conroy

Visualizing a grim outlook.

This morbid simulation reveals how people tend to die

17 September 2019

Bec Crew

Trends both disturbing and revealing.

These are the happiest countries in the world

10 September 2019

Gemma Conroy

Wealth isn't everything. 

This graphic reveals the most innovative countries for 2019

3 September 2019

Gemma Conroy

A strong showing from Asia.

This animated map shows the true size of each country

27 August 2019

Bec Crew

Everything is relative.

Snapshot: Princeton University impresses on two scores

20 August 2019

Bec Crew

The US’s fourth-oldest college wears the crown for high-quality research productivity among its peers.

Ranking the most popular degrees in the US

6 August 2019

Bec Crew

Health professions have been booming.

Snapshot: The University of Tokyo – Asia’s star in the reputation ranks

23 July 2019

Bec Crew

The top-ranked university outside the US and UK for reputation.

10 key insights from the first research scorecards for G20 countries

19 July 2019

Bec Crew

Australia shines; the US, not so much.

The top 10 countries in research collaboration

12 July 2019

Bec Crew

This interactive visualization reveals the tightest pairs.

A day in the life of women vs men

4 July 2019

Bec Crew

There just aren’t enough hours.

This clever map visualizes Earth's population as a 'human terrain'

28 June 2019

Bec Crew

Watch the rise and fall of major population hubs.