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COVID-19 research update: Original research findings crowded out by commentary

6 August 2020

Nature Index

A briefing on developments in coronavirus research publishing.

Five strategies for writing in turbulent times

4 August 2020

Chris Smith

How to manage distraction, and how to maintain focus while also acknowledging that sometimes the best thing to do is to just stop

How to write a good research paper title

28 July 2020

Andy Tay

“Unread science is lost science.”

Work hack: How to organize your research literature – and make it shareable

17 July 2020

Bec Crew

A must-have strategy for fieldwork.

Work hack: How to consolidate your writing

7 July 2020

Bec Crew

In this series, researchers tell us about the tools and techniques that make their work easier. Here a sociologist describes his favourite place for scribbled notes, student assessment, and long-form writing.

Calibri vs Garamond: Can font choice make or break a research paper?

19 June 2020

Helen Robertson

What your preference says about you.

Four tips to help researchers stay productive during the pandemic

2 June 2020

Ruth Gotian

How to expand your network while working from home.

10 tips for submitting a successful preprint

26 May 2020

Jon Brock

How to stand out in the fast-growing throng.

Three online tools aimed at improving preprints

19 May 2020

Gemma Conroy

New platforms review and curate manuscripts.

The decline of women's research production during the coronavirus pandemic

19 May 2020

Philippe Vincent-Lamarre et al.

Preprints analysis suggests a disproportionate impact on early career researchers.

Shut-in scientists are spending more time on research papers

9 April 2020

Nic Fleming

Suspension of face-to-face activities in the coronavirus pandemic sends researchers back to their manuscripts.

How to demonstrate the value of your research

20 March 2020

Carsten Lund Pedersen

A tool to help you master the four Cs: citations, communication, coverage, and collaboration.

8 big differences between the US and UK PhD experience

11 March 2020

Helen Robertson

And one important similarity.

Researchers reveal the emotional and professional cost of drawn-out peer review

10 March 2020

Andy Tay

It can have a noticeable affect on a person's career.

This simple tool can help you manage multiple research projects

23 January 2020

Carsten Lund Pedersen

How to master the art of prioritization.

Three ways to collaborate on writing

10 January 2020

Jeffrey M. Perkel

Document-sharing tools for scientists. 

Pairing with an influential co-author gives young researchers a career-long boost

7 January 2020

Bec Crew

A potential rankings hack for less prestigious universities.

Scooped in science? Relax, credit will come your way

2 December 2019

Ewen Callaway

A study of protein databases shows that discoverers who are second to publish still end up getting a substantial portion of the recognition.

The untold cost of formatting manuscripts

4 October 2019

Jon Brock

Just how deep is this time and money sinkhole?

These 10 institutions published the most papers in Nature and Science in 2018

3 September 2019

Gemma Conroy, Bec Crew

From CRISPR to CLARITY, here are some of the most high-profile studies.

The hidden cost of having a eureka moment, but not being able to put it in your own words

29 August 2019

Sneha Kulkarni

Publishing in an “international” journal now refers to an English-language journal.

This simple tool shows you how to choose your mentors

28 August 2019

Carsten Lund Pedersen

"Gurus breed gurus."

5 features of a highly cited article

23 August 2019

Mohamed Elgendi

The difference between highly cited and lowly cited papers.

Never on a Sunday! Is there a best day for submitting an article for publication?

8 August 2019

James Hartley

It could mean the difference between rejection and acceptance.

Studies suggest 5 ways to increase citation counts

7 August 2019

Bec Crew

There’s no one way to 'game the system'.

Scientists reveal the creative side-projects that keep them sane

26 July 2019

Bec Crew

It’s hard to think about lab problems when you’re dangling upside-down by your ankles.

Writing over the holidays? Here's how to do it

25 July 2019

Chris Smith

Writing over the holidays can be effective, but should be approached thoughtfully. 

What matters most on the road to scientific success?

24 July 2019

Viviane Callier

The skills and strategies — as well as the invisible structural factors — that contribute to scientific productivity.

Q&A Niamh Brennan: 100 rules for publishing in top journals

18 July 2019

Gemma Conroy

A checklist for success.

How to write a journal article in 12 weeks

11 July 2019

Bec Crew

What they don’t teach at your institution. 

Predatory journals find their prey

7 September 2017

Brian Owens

Bogus journals and their victims are widespread, study finds.

Turning science into social outcomes

29 August 2017

Richard Jefferson

For innovation to bring public benefit, mapping the influence of academic papers is just the beginning.

Incomplete descriptions in publications wasting healthcare research

10 March 2017

Tammy Hoffmann

COMMENT: Researchers, explain yourselves

'Millions' wasted in research approvals process

18 January 2017

Adrian Barnett

Applying for ethics approval cost Adrian Barnett's research group $348,000 in staff time, and delayed the research by six months.