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COVID-19 research update: Most COVID-19 studies lack clinically meaningful evidence

29 July 2020

Nature Index

A briefing on developments in coronavirus research publishing.

Probe into leaked papers submitted to leading engineering conference

9 July 2020

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Confidential paper trail surfaces online in connection with “tragic situation” of PhD student Huixiang Chen's suicide.

How is your discipline tracking in open peer review?

24 June 2020

Gemma Conroy

Who’s more likely to share reviewer reports and identities – in 5 graphs.

Coronavirus crowds out other research papers

5 June 2020

Chris Woolston

Non-COVID researchers are ‘collateral damage’ as journals are forced to prioritize.

Journal peer review policies attract further scrutiny

7 April 2020

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Free tools give greater clarity to authors. 

Digital badges aren’t enough incentive for researchers to share their data

18 March 2020

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

They might not work as well as it seemed. 

Researchers reveal the emotional and professional cost of drawn-out peer review

10 March 2020

Andy Tay

It can have a noticeable affect on a person's career.

3 ways to make journal submissions easier for scientists

25 February 2020

Gemma Conroy

Why trying to publish is often “a minefield”.

Don't let big names and impressive stories influence your peer review

23 January 2020

Jeff C. Clements

How to avoid being star-struck.

Peer-review for six-year-olds

17 December 2019

Bec Crew

Groundbreaking journal unearths new talent.

Don’t let researchers recommend who reviews their work

22 November 2019

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Some funders and publishers call it unethical, for others, it's par for the course

Thousands of grant peer reviewers share concerns in global survey

21 October 2019

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Peer review process helps funders make decisions, but researchers say it is time-consuming and lacks transparency.

Diversifying peer review by adding junior scientists

13 September 2019

Dan Garisto

Initiatives to train and include early-career researchers in peer review may help improve science’s quality control.

Publishing standards help fight bias against Chinese authors

20 August 2019

Hepeng Jia

A response to concerns that editors' and peer reviewers’ confidence in Chinese authors has been eroded.

Critics of peer review ask how ‘race science’ still manages to slip through

1 August 2019

Sarah Wild

Two scientific papers in South Africa have raised questions among critics about the quality - and potential biases - of international peer review.

Time to lift the veil on peer review

12 July 2019

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Data analysis can improve the vetting of scientific papers, but first, publishers must agree to make the information public.

Unravelling the mysteries of preprints and peer review

21 June 2019

Chris Woolston

A database assembles thousands of science journals’ editorial policies to boost transparency and accessibility.

Peer reviewers unmasked: largest global survey reveals trends

11 September 2018

Inga Vesper

Scientists in emerging economies respond fastest to peer review invitations, but are invited least.

Early-career researchers herald change

25 July 2018

David Nicholas et al.*

The younger generation sees a collaborative system as key to discovery and advancement, a three-year tracking project reveals. 

Scientists go to great lengths in reviewing high-quality research

11 April 2018

Gemma Conroy

An analysis of review length raises questions about what quantity means for quality.

Strategies to sidestep selfish peer reviewers

20 November 2017

Jon Brock

Researchers point to options for tackling bias against competitors.

Retractions pulling China back

17 November 2017

Hepeng Jia

Call for tougher sanctions in response to growth in papers recalled for misconduct.

The unexpected reason researchers choose open access

25 October 2017

Yojana Sharma

Open-access publishing held to the same standards as paid subscription journals.

Study highlights gender imbalance in peer review

23 October 2017

Jon Brock

Women peer review fewer papers than men but are more likely to reject the papers they review, a new study shows.

Time to open the curtains on peer review

11 October 2017

Yojana Sharma

Transparency should be the new normal, says peer review leader. 

New award highlights gender imbalance among peer reviewers

7 November 2016

Ivy Shih

A new online award that recognises the contributions of highly-productive peer reviewers also highlights biases in the system that underscores scholarly publishing.