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Q&A: Australia’s chief scientist proposes a centralized national plan for open access

12 October 2021

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Cathy Foley says the country is in a good position to do things differently.

Australian institutions lag behind on open access adoption

12 October 2021

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Plan forming for government to negotiate agreements directly with publishers, but with no nationwide policy, individual universities vary wildly. 

Equity concerns persist over open-access publishing

9 March 2021

Benjamin Plackett

Senior male researchers at prestigious institutions are the most likely to pay to publish open access, study suggests.

Science family of journals announces change to open-access policy

27 January 2021

Richard Van Noorden

Subscription journals will let some Plan S funded researchers share accepted manuscripts under open licences.

How is your discipline tracking in open peer review?

24 June 2020

Gemma Conroy

Who’s more likely to share reviewer reports and identities – in 5 graphs.

Why digital badges don't work

18 March 2020

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Turns out they're not enough incentive for researchers to share their data.

Open software means kinder science

6 January 2020

Julia Stewart Lowndes

Its transformative power has improved my ability to analyze data and collaborate with other researchers.

Confidence in scientists is on the rise in the US, Pew survey finds

13 August 2019

Bec Crew

It’s now up there with confidence in the military. 

10 key insights from the first research scorecards for G20 countries

19 July 2019

Bec Crew

Australia shines; the US, not so much.

University of California’s showdown with Elsevier aims to change scholarly publishing for good

18 July 2019

MacKenzie Smith

The high-stakes standoff that the world's universities are watching.

A “petting zoo for code” makes studies easier to reproduce

18 June 2019

Jeffrey M. Perkel

A new tool helps users to compose, compute and publish reproducible articles.

"A love letter to your future self": What scientists need to know about FAIR data

11 February 2019

Jon Brock

Following these guiding principles for sharing data can help researchers get ahead.

What bioRxiv’s first 30,000 preprints reveal about biologists

24 January 2019

Joshua Rapp Learn

More than 1 million studies are now downloaded from the site every month, mostly in neuroscience, bioinformatics and genomics.

In a race for mentions, it’s open season on researchers

18 January 2019

Alexandra Lippman and Christopher Kelty

The growing clamour for open access results makes scientists vulnerable, say Alexandra Lippman and Christopher Kelty.

The right tools to empower researchers

11 October 2018

J. Britt Holbrook

Too many tools used to promote accountability benefit research managers and for-profit companies at the expense of individual researchers.

Open framework tackles backwards science

6 September 2018

Jeffrey M. Perkel

Good news for grackles 

Could blockchain unblock science?

29 August 2018

Jon Brock

The technology has potential to solve some transparency problems, but there are many obstacles to clear first.

How freely should scientists share their data?

16 August 2018

Daniel Barron

The Open Science movement champions transparency, but how much and how quickly is a matter of dispute.

For the sake of science, it’s time to break ranks

26 July 2018

Anja Krieger

Researchers call for a change in evaluation to recognise the importance of reproducibility.

Early-career researchers herald change

25 July 2018

David Nicholas et al.*

The younger generation sees a collaborative system as key to discovery and advancement, a three-year tracking project reveals. 

African scientists launch their own preprint server

25 June 2018

Smriti Mallapaty

The free, online outlet is one of a growing number for academics on the continent to share their work.

Microsoft’s purchase of GitHub leaves some scientists uneasy

22 June 2018

Andrew Silver

They fear the online platform will become less open, but other researchers say the buyout could make GitHub more useful.

Open-access model is a return to the origins of journal publishing

11 May 2018

Gavin Moodie

Until recently, many university and society journals operated at a loss, says Gavin Moodie.

Ten reasons to share your data

27 April 2018

Amanda S. Barnard

Making data available to the larger scientific community has many benefits.

Applied Physics Letters publishes ‘fewer, but better’ articles

17 April 2018

Smriti Mallapaty

Noted journal among several reducing article counts in a competitive market.

It’s time for the US to get serious about funding open access

4 April 2018

Rachael Samberg et al.

University of California libraries tackle the transition from subscription-based publishing to sustainable open access.

‘Bronze’ open access supersedes green and gold

12 March 2018

Jon Brock

Publishers can deny access to the majority of open-access articles at their discretion.

New tools track article buzz online

9 March 2018

Jeffrey Perkel

A new service allows researchers to access raw social media data.

Researchers coy about complete review transparency

28 February 2018

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Survey reveals reluctance to take open peer review to the limit.

Q&A John Ioannidis: Biomedicine warms to preprints

13 February 2018

Smriti Mallapaty

It’s wrong to dismiss preprint repositories as the junkyards of science, warns Ioannidis.

A fix for open-access cost barriers

6 December 2017

Elie Dolgin

What if it was funders and libraries instead of authors who paid processing fees?

The unexpected reason researchers choose open access

25 October 2017

Yojana Sharma

Open-access publishing held to the same standards as paid subscription journals.

Encouraging palaeontologists to stop hiding the bones

23 August 2017

Ivy Shih

New preprint services could bring niche scientific communities into the open.

Michael Sporn: A legacy of greater knowledge

10 August 2017

Elie Dolgin

For the love of discovery, a biochemist freely shared the research which laid the groundwork for widely-used drugs.

Keeping a lid on open science

15 June 2017

Hepeng Jia

Open science has made progress in China, but there is room for improvement. 

Young researchers preach open access, yet many don't practice

22 May 2017

Ivy Shih

Early-career researchers in the UK are less likely to choose open access over subscription journals.

US supercomputer needs more people power

22 February 2017

Ivy Shih

A large computing network that has helped design cancer drug candidates and search for extra-terrestrial life is struggling to maintain its volunteer network.

I made my grant application public, here's why you should too

8 December 2016

Adrian Barnett

If funding applications were made under open access, science would benefit from more universal scrutiny.