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South Korean institutions lure global talent

29 May 2020

Chris Woolston

The country is making headway in the effort to internationalize its scientific workforce.

How South Korea made itself a global innovation leader

28 May 2020

Leigh Dayton

Systemic reform backed by strong investment has brought rapid and long-lasting results.

Boosting South Korea’s basic research

28 May 2020

Mark Zastrow

By redirecting funding to small teams, the country is betting on the creativity of its scientists.

South Korea’s Institute for Basic Science faces review

28 May 2020

Mark Zastrow

Decisions about the country’s research flagship will signpost national priorities.

A new deal for South Korea’s science?

28 May 2020

Catherine Armitage

A review of South Korea's research flagship will point to how the country plans to become a ‘first mover’.