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How to map the right fit for knowledge sharing

29 November 2019

Lianghao Dai & Margarete Boos

Practical tips for effective interdisciplinary collaborations.

Physics, life sciences, genetics: three big players and their top partners

26 November 2019

Nature Index

Research is a global game, yet even for top collaborators, the closest partners are mainly local.

Despite political turmoil, global scientific collaboration continues to flourish

22 November 2019

Bec Crew

Connections prove resilient as researchers circumvent geopolitical obstacles.

How to manage a multi-author megapaper

22 November 2019

Jack Leeming

Large teams can produce more impactful work, but organizing a paper produced by many can be a major challenge.

Brexit shadow hangs over EU partnerships

21 November 2019

Mark Peplow

Uncertainty about the United Kingdom’s role in EU science is damaging research networks.

US-China science weathers political ill wind

21 November 2019

Chris Woolston

Despite government tensions, collaboration between the United States and China remains strong.