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These are the 5 fastest rising universities in the United States

31 January 2020

Gemma Conroy

The movers and shakers. 

These are the 10 best countries for life sciences research

20 January 2020

Gemma Conroy

China and Australia are shaking up this group of countries leading in the life sciences.

These are the top 10 Asia-Pacific universities for life sciences

13 January 2020

Gemma Conroy

The University of Tokyo leads the pack.

Pairing with an influential co-author gives young researchers a career-long boost

7 January 2020

Bec Crew

A potential rankings hack for less prestigious universities.

Nature Index's top rankings of 2019

7 January 2020

Gemma Conroy

The best of the best. 

The fastest rising institutions in materials science: visualized

12 December 2019

Nature Index

Chinese institutions monopolize the fastest-rising ranks for materials-science output in the Nature Index.

Top 10 institutions in “big science” physics and astronomy

10 December 2019

Gemma Conroy

The biggest players in high affiliation articles.

Top 10 young graduate universities 2019

3 December 2019

Gemma Conroy

The highest ranked institution is just 10 years old.

Top 10 young universities in life sciences 2019

26 November 2019

Gemma Conroy

Revealing some impressive all-rounders.

Physics, life sciences, genetics: three big players and their top partners

26 November 2019

Nature Index

Research is a global game, yet even for top collaborators, the closest partners are mainly local.

Foreign interference fears prompt guidelines for Australian universities

20 November 2019

Bianca Nogrady

The move comes amid concerns over China’s influence on Australian campuses, and after major cybersecurity breaches at one institution.

The 10 fastest rising institutions publishing in Nature and Science

19 November 2019

Gemma Conroy & Bec Crew

Meet the most-improved.

Top 10 fastest rising universities aged 50 and under

1 November 2019

Gemma Conroy

Making their mark.

Top 10 Young Universities 2019

29 October 2019

Bec Crew

These are the ones to watch.

Strongest research performances for universities aged 50 and under by region

29 October 2019

Nature Index

Global rankings look different when the measure is young institutions’ output.

Nine universities under 50 in the fast lane

25 October 2019

Gemma Conroy, Bec Crew, Hepeng Jia & Mark Zastrow

These high performers are setting the pace in the race for solutions.

Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is rising rapidly up the rankings

24 October 2019

Catherine Armitage

President Subra Suresh explains the strategy behind his university’s success.

These 5 EU countries are the UK’s top research partners

15 October 2019

Gemma Conroy

Brexit stakes.

The top subjects in the top 5 countries in the Nature Index

8 October 2019

Gemma Conroy

Playing to their strengths. 

The fastest-rising institutions by country for scientific research

26 September 2019

Gemma Conroy

These are the ones to watch.

These 10 American universities dominated life sciences in 2018

19 September 2019

Nature Index

These academic institutions in the US made the biggest contributions to the discipline in the Nature Index.

South Korea’s ‘Nobel prize project’ gets overhaul

18 September 2019

Mark Zastrow

The Institute for Basic Science has been rocked by accusations of financial mismanagement over the past year.

The top universities in the best countries for scientific research

17 September 2019

Nature Index

The world's best.

Times Higher Education releases its World University Rankings 2020

12 September 2019

Bec Crew

The United States dominates, but cracks are showing.

The top 5 healthcare institutions for scientific research in 2018

27 August 2019

Bec Crew

The largest contributors to papers published in leading journals tracked by the Nature Index from the healthcare sector in 2018.

Government funding will be tied to uni performance from 2020

21 August 2019

Emmaline Bexley

How will performance-based funding shake out for Australian universities?

The top 10 government institutions in 2018

20 August 2019

Nature Index

These government institutions were the largest contributors to papers published in the 82 leading journals tracked by the Nature Index in 2018.

Alaska governor halves massive funding cut to state university system

15 August 2019

Jonathan Lambert

Researchers at the University of Alaska still face possibility of layoffs.

"No one is immune": Alaska’s scientists despair over plan to shrink state universities

14 August 2019

Jonathan Lambert

The University of Alaska’s governing board plans to consolidate campuses to cope with a 40% cut in state funding.

Snapshot: The University of Tokyo – Asia’s star in the reputation ranks

23 July 2019

Bec Crew

The top-ranked university outside the US and UK for reputation.

University of California’s showdown with Elsevier aims to change scholarly publishing for good

18 July 2019

MacKenzie Smith

The high-stakes standoff that the world's universities are watching.

Why can't British universities be more like New York University?

10 July 2019

David Payne

Former minister reveals thwarted hopes and the limits of political interference.