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Librarians seek more support as research partners

20 September 2021

Anthea Lacchia

Report highlights lack of institutional recognition of changing librarian roles.

Pursuing outside career avenues is no impediment to doctoral goals

31 August 2021

Andy Tay

Professional development work can complement and improve academic outcomes, study finds. 

Future proofing research resilience

24 August 2021

Chris Woolston

As scientific efforts resume, infrastructure and process solutions forged during the pandemic are being honed and expanded.

The challenge of leading interdisciplinary research projects

17 August 2021

Shipra Jain

Consensus is not always possible.

Editors give green light to patients co-authoring manuscripts

27 July 2021

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

But work must be done to ensure that patients feel accepted by the research community.

What I learned teaching in China during the COVID-19 pandemic

13 July 2021

Teresa G. Valencak

Globalized higher education requires fresh cross-cultural approaches.

How science diplomacy can help navigate the post-pandemic world

8 July 2021

Andy Tay

Researchers can access training programmes and other resources in pursuit of a diplomacy role.

Chinese joint-venture universities try for the best of both worlds

27 May 2021

Cong Cao

While movement of students between domestic and foreign universities slows, China’s joint-venture model is gaining traction.

Superpowered science: charting China’s research rise

27 May 2021

Nature Index

From output and investments to the nation’s most prolific areas, a visual overview of China’s research performance.

Silk Road becomes the one less travelled as China lures science talent home

27 May 2021

Catherine Armitage & Chris Woolston

Barriers to cooperation could create a more competitive, less collegiate research landscape.

Fresh twists in China’s bid for research dominance

27 May 2021

Catherine Armitage

The nation’s remarkable growth in science publishing is showing signs of a slowdown.

Looming deadline on post-Brexit data agreement has researchers worried

27 April 2021

Elisabeth Jeffries

Data flow disruptions between the EU and UK would be a “lose-lose situation”.

Southeast Asian countries join forces for scientific strength

18 March 2021

Sandy Ong

Partnerships are a path to growth in research output.

Japan and South Korea pursue shared interests

18 March 2021

Ichiko Fuyuno

Despite political tensions, research ties are resilient.

Partnerships in progress

18 March 2021

Catherine Cheung, Tanner Maxwell, Catherine Armitage

Research alliances in Asia Pacific are shifting towards China.

Politics and the pandemic disrupt migration patterns in research

18 March 2021

Catherine Armitage

Researchers are watching how political and economic tensions between China and Australia will affect scientific collaborations.

Rising tide of China’s science lifts Asia-Pacific research

18 March 2021

Catherine Armitage

Thanks to huge investments in science, China is the region’s scientific growth engine and collaboration magnet

Call for human rights protections on emerging brain-computer interface technologies

16 March 2021

Leigh Dayton

Industry self-regulation is not enough, say AI researchers.

Why universities must seize the chance to help "reset" society

16 December 2020

Mark Dodgson and David Gann

Higher education institutions are the cradle of innovation and entrepreneurship. Their expertise is needed more than ever.

Network effect: visualizing AI connections in the natural sciences

10 December 2020

Bo Wu, Tanner Maxwell & Bec Crew

Collaborations on AI-related papers in journals tracked by the Nature Index reveal country strengths.

Sliced, diced and digested: AI-generated science ready in minutes

10 December 2020

Chris Woolston & Jeffrey M. Perkel

AI can decide which papers are worth reading, and condenses them to make the literature more accessible.

Four AI technologies that could transform the way we live and work

10 December 2020

Bill Condie & Leigh Dayton

From facial recognition to drug discovery, these emerging technologies are the ones to watch.

AI will change the world, so it’s time to change AI

10 December 2020

Tess Posner & Li Fei-Fei

To ensure that AI meets its potential as a transformative tool, it must be developed by a truly representative research community, say Tess Posner and Li Fei-Fei

Hope, fear and climate scientists

7 December 2020

Shipra Jain

Three generations of researchers look to the future.

Three tips to adapt grants and papers for non-native English readers

23 November 2020

Michael Erard

Writing guides often advise “Don’t write anything that you wouldn’t say.” Michael Erard, who trains researchers to write grants and academic papers, disagrees.

Nobel Prizes have a diversity problem even worse than the scientific fields they honor

8 October 2020

Marc Zimmer

This is a problem much larger than simply bias on the part of the Nobel selection committees – it’s systemic.

Predicting your future h-index

23 September 2020

Hepeng Jia

Study aims to forecast success.

Post-pandemic, fieldwork faces a remote future

25 August 2020

Gemma Conroy

COVID-19 is forcing researchers to rethink ways of amassing data.

This scientific ‘power couple’ has one of the largest publishing networks in chemistry

18 August 2020

Hepeng Jia

How a supervisor-student pair forged a lasting collaboration.

How young researchers can create lasting industry partnerships

24 July 2020

Bec Crew

Don’t wait for universities to facilitate connections. Here’s how to find the right people on your own timeline.

When is a scientific collaboration unfair?

10 July 2020

Gemma Conroy

A study enlists the h-index to try to find out why some research partnerships fizzle.

How to collaborate using only email

11 June 2020

Andy Tay

Two climate researchers show how it’s done.

This scientific ‘power couple’ has one of the largest publishing networks in biology

27 May 2020

Gemma Conroy

Their protein-saving techniques are in high demand.

These materials scientists are a ‘power couple’ in the physical sciences

5 May 2020

Gemma Conroy

From rejected material to career-defining discovery.

Warning bell for cluster hiring of researchers as survey reveals lacklustre results

24 April 2020

Chris Woolston

The 'set and forget' approach dooms group hires.

How hundreds of thousands of volunteers are using their skills to boost coronavirus research

7 April 2020

Dyani Lewis

Initiatives like Folding@Home and #WirVsVirus allow volunteers to pitch in, wherever they are.

How previous outbreaks prepared researchers for coronavirus

25 February 2020

Jack Leeming

Scientists were ready with a “plug and play” protocol when COVID-19 hit.

What are fake interdisciplinary collaborations and why do they occur?

4 February 2020

Lianghao Dai

It's not always intentional.

Scientists must stand up for internationalism

31 January 2020

Michael Riordan

Nationalistic trends across the world threaten the cross-border cooperation that underlies scientific progress.

How to collaborate more effectively: 5 tips for researchers

28 January 2020

Andrea Aguilar

Participating in a collaborative effort can be extremely challenging. To get the most out of it, you need a strategic approach.

The push for interdisciplinary teams can lead to fake collaborations

10 January 2020

Gemma Conroy

Funding methods encourage dubious behaviours.

Three ways to collaborate on writing

10 January 2020

Jeffrey M. Perkel

Document-sharing tools for scientists. 

Pairing with an influential co-author gives young researchers a career-long boost

7 January 2020

Bec Crew

A potential rankings hack for less prestigious universities.

Open software means kinder science

6 January 2020

Julia Stewart Lowndes

Its transformative power has improved my ability to analyze data and collaborate with other researchers.

Psychology looks to physics to solve replication crisis

6 January 2020

Jon Brock

What the CERN of psychology looks like.

How to map the right fit for knowledge sharing

29 November 2019

Lianghao Dai & Margarete Boos

Practical tips for effective interdisciplinary collaborations.

Physics, life sciences, genetics: three big players and their top partners

26 November 2019

Nature Index

Research is a global game, yet even for top collaborators, the closest partners are mainly local.

Despite political turmoil, global scientific collaboration continues to flourish

22 November 2019

Bec Crew

Connections prove resilient as researchers circumvent geopolitical obstacles.

How to manage a multi-author megapaper

22 November 2019

Jack Leeming

Large teams can produce more impactful work, but organizing a paper produced by many can be a major challenge.

Brexit shadow hangs over EU partnerships

21 November 2019

Mark Peplow

Uncertainty about the United Kingdom’s role in EU science is damaging research networks.

US-China science weathers political ill wind

21 November 2019

Chris Woolston

Despite government tensions, collaboration between the United States and China remains strong.

Which companies are riding the Chinese science boom?

12 November 2019

Gemma Conroy

Staying strong amidst the fray. 

Frequent collaborators are less likely to produce replicable results

20 September 2019

Gemma Conroy

Stick with who you don't know. 

Research returnees boost China’s scientific impact

18 September 2019

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

An unprecedented rise to world-class status.

How to run a successful citizen science project

9 August 2019

Gemma Conroy

Keeping participants involved can go a long way.

Top 5 corporate–academic collaborations in biomedical sciences

6 August 2019

Bec Crew

This is what success looks like.

Scientists collaborate more when disaster strikes

1 August 2019

Gemma Conroy

Teaming up when things fall apart. 

Do the best academics fly more?

17 July 2019

Seth Wynes

As universities face increasing demands to reduce greenhouse emissions, they should look for ways to manage academic travel more efficiently.

The top 10 countries in research collaboration

12 July 2019

Bec Crew

This interactive visualization reveals the tightest pairs.

Don’t let your academic career determine your every move

26 June 2019

Eva Krockow

Should early career researchers be expected to relocate regularly in order to land a permanent job?

Japan's global connectors boost scientific research collaboration

24 March 2019

Catherine Armitage, David McNeill & Smriti Mallapaty

Six scientists whose transformative work reaches across borders.

Japanese universities test collaboration

21 March 2019

David McNeill

Insular institutions seek ways to better accommodate international research partners.

China's Belt and Road Initiative finds new research partners in Europe

11 January 2019

Marijk van der Wende & Robert Tijssen

Smaller member states are the beneficiaries of China's global trade and diplomacy project.

Europe pulls together in scientific union

9 August 2018

Catherine Armitage

Smaller countries rely more on regional collaborations than on domestic interaction.  

Nature Index introduces multilateral collaboration score

28 June 2018

Catherine Armitage

A new measure accounts for research collaboration within and between groups

Science in North Korea: How easing the nuclear stand-off might bolster research

2 May 2018

Richard Van Noorden

The isolated nation publishes fewer than 100 scholarly articles a year — but as political tensions thaw, researchers hope for greater collaboration.

Japan bets on science diplomacy

16 April 2018

Daniel Hurst

International collaborations are rising, but not enough to put Japan on the global researcher circuit.

Paper authorship goes hyper

30 January 2018

Smriti Mallapaty

A single field is behind the rise of thousand-author papers.

International collaborations growing fast

19 January 2018

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

More countries are taking part in cross-border partnerships, but inequality remains.

Scientists tainted by misconduct of former collaborators

21 December 2017

Dyani Lewis

The stigma has a punitive effect on citations for prior collaborators of fraudulent researchers.

Industry links boost research output

18 December 2017

Neil Savage

New findings suggest corporate collaboration encourages academic productivity.

The top academic and corporate partners in the Nature Index

8 December 2017

Mark Zastrow

Exploring complementary strengths is the key to success in industry–academia science partnerships.

Help wanted: Industry seeks science alliances

7 December 2017

Katharine Gammon

Companies publishing high-quality research are looking to academia for assistance.

Local, not global, links boost productivity

4 December 2017

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

There’s no substitute for physical proximity, say researchers.

Global research gaps thwart Ebola response

21 November 2017

Elie Dolgin

The lack of research institutes with links to Africa has scientists worried about the next Ebola outbreak.

Europe opens arms to post-Brexit research migrants

8 November 2017

Anna Petherick

For centuries a hub of ideas and trade, London is embracing ambitious developments to boost research and local connections, despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Senior scholars stick together

6 November 2017

Hepeng Jia

Junior researchers left out of collaborations in key science fields, study finds. 

Encouraging palaeontologists to stop hiding the bones

23 August 2017

Ivy Shih

New preprint services could bring niche scientific communities into the open.

Japan's strategy for growth highlights innovation

15 August 2017

Ichiko Fuyuno

Collaboration with companies will become more important in the government’s science and technology strategies.

Michael Sporn: A legacy of greater knowledge

10 August 2017

Elie Dolgin

For the love of discovery, a biochemist freely shared the research which laid the groundwork for widely-used drugs.

One small step in the thawing of China-US space relations

28 July 2017

Hepeng Jia

A Beijing DNA experiment boards the International Space Station.

UK-Indonesia partnership grows out of a conversation

27 July 2017

Dyna Rochmyaningsih

An encounter between two visiting social scientists at the University of Oxford was the catalyst for a unique partnership.

Charting China's rising dominance in science

21 July 2017

Nicky Phillips

The country's research contribution is continuing to overtake other nations.

The value of nostalgia in a land of upheaval

30 June 2017

Flynn Murphy

Psychology is an increasingly relevant discipline as the destabilizing effects of rapid social change take hold in China.

Better measures needed for research cooperation

23 June 2017

Anthea Lacchia

Researchers wrestle with a measure of collaboration increasingly used to assess the impact of their work. 

Far-flung and thriving: prime time for Okinawa’s grand experiment

16 May 2017

Tim Hornyak

Japan's gambit to globalize its scientific research is paying dividends. 

Japan's plan to cultivate more entrepreneurial scientists

10 May 2017

Ian Munroe

Although government efforts to encourage innovation face significant obstacles. 

8 things scientists want from a collaboration

2 May 2017

Ivy Shih

New report identifies what can make or break a good international collaboration.

Historic co-authorships speed up editor handling times

24 April 2017

Anthea Lacchia

Journal editors tend to accept manuscripts written by prior collaborators more quickly. 

How Todai is encouraging research spinoffs

11 April 2017

Ian Munroe

It was the first Japanese university to establish a venture capital firm.

US-Uganda partnership uncovers potential culprit in mysterious nodding syndrome

4 April 2017

Linda Nordling

International team publish landmark paper on debilitating form of childhood epilepsy.

UK-India research collaborations threatened by decline in student enrolments

15 March 2017

Anthea Lacchia

Years of groundwork underpins rise in research collaborations. 

US supercomputer needs more people power

22 February 2017

Ivy Shih

A large computing network that has helped design cancer drug candidates and search for extra-terrestrial life is struggling to maintain its volunteer network.

Turbulent times for scientists with the 'wrong' papers

20 February 2017

Flynn Murphy

As Donald Trump’s bid to reinstate his travel ban failed last week, three Iranian scientists speak of their fears amid the uncertainty.

Research partnership improves life for vulnerable women

9 February 2017

Linda Nordling

A social welfare programme for women at risk of HIV has built trust between this vulnerable group and scientists seeking new treatments and a cure.

How Chinese and US researchers recreated a 5000-year-old beer recipe

13 January 2017

Yanli Wang

A discovery in an ancient Chinese pot would reveal one of the oldest records of beer production.

My corporate experiment - a scientist learns from business

16 December 2016

Sidonia Eckle

Academics can learn a lot from the corporate world. 

Science has a problem giving credit where it’s due

12 December 2016

Smriti Mallapaty

Apportioning author credit in large collaborations is as problematic as the Nobel Prize’s rule of three.

The team of scientists finding new ways to develop drugs for kids with rare cancers

2 December 2016

Neil Savage

An encounter helped kick-start the development of new cancer drugs.

Does proximity play a role in science collaborations?

30 November 2016

Neil Savage

Proximity is just one factor driving the high number of collaborations between top performing institutes in the same city. 

Partnerships between US and Chinese scientists surge

18 November 2016

Sujata Gupta

Research partnerships between the two superpowers outnumber all other international pairings.

Collaboration trumps competition in city of love

17 November 2016

Barbara Casassus

Paris excels in intra-city collaborations but needs to look beyond its borders to increase research performance.

New data reveals universities in Tokyo are highly connected

17 November 2016

Tim Hornyak

The Japanese capital is a hub of local research collaborations.

Chinese and US researchers team up to study forests in a warming world

15 November 2016

Sujata Gupta

A new program is encouraging climate change research partnerships between two research powerhouses.

International research collaborations on the rise

15 November 2016

Ivy Shih

Growth in research partnerships was most pronounced in the life sciences.

New Zealand's 'Lord of the Rings' effect a boon for science

10 November 2016

Linda Vergnani

A pragmatic and deliberate approach to research funding yields impressive results for New Zealand.

How to take a great idea beyond the lab

20 September 2016

Richard Middlemiss

A Scottish scientist reflects on how his team built the world's smallest gravity detector 

UN brokers partnerships to tackle tropical diseases

13 September 2016

Annabel McGilvray

A UN agency is connecting big pharma with research groups to accelerate development of treatments for diseases such as malaria.

Rising stars: Baylor, the best medicine

25 July 2016

James Mitchell Crow, Mark Zastrow

BCM’s contribution to high-quality research rose 39% from 2012 to 2015.

How Brexit may impact Britain's top research universities

30 June 2016

Some UK universities may be affected more than others.

China's diaspora key to science collaborations

23 June 2016

Peng Tian

Links formed by mainland China's large scientific diaspora and its increasing output of high-quality research make it an emerging centre of international collaboration.

Shared knowledge is key to a kingdom

6 June 2016

Nadia El-Awady

International collaboration is yielding major breakthroughs and an increase in quality output.

Canadian researchers do more with less

2 June 2016

Brian Owens

Growing participation in large international research projects may explain the drop in Canada's index performance.

Paris, a tight-knit research community

26 May 2016

Proximity can be a strong factor in research partnerships

What does industry contribute to the world's best research?

19 May 2016

The Nature Index tracks corporations who publish in top journals.

How the world's largest mosquito genome project was almost derailed

12 May 2016

Sarah O’Meara

A collaborative study included in the Nature Index required the coordinated efforts of more than 130 researchers from around the world.

An unlikely alliance

14 April 2016

Peng Tian

More than 20 researchers at China's genomics giant BGI got their PhD in Denmark.

Brazil's Russian connection

5 April 2016

Linda Nordling

A handful of influential professors are behind research partnerships between Russia and Brazil.

How a disparate team found the world's oldest stone tools

1 April 2016

Mark Zastrow

The incredible story behind a remarkable discovery.

"The trend transforming science" - Jonathan Adams

16 March 2016

Jonathan Adams and Tamar Loach

The small but focused snapshot of research afforded by the Nature Index helps fine-tune analysis of global scientific collaboration, say Jonathan Adams and Tamar Loach.