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Coronavirus research publishing: 10 universities with the highest number of COVID-19 publications

7 July 2020

Nature Index

An update of the latest COVID-19 publication metrics.

COVID-19 research update: How peer review changed the conclusions of a coronavirus preprint

7 July 2020

Nature Index

A briefing on developments in coronavirus research publishing.

Scientists pivot to pitch in on coronavirus

2 July 2020

Andy Tay

Many scientists have taken on extra work loads during the pandemic. Here a chemist, a publisher and an infectious disease expert reveal their efforts.

US-China scientists strengthen ties in coronavirus research

11 June 2020

Gemma Conroy

China displaces the US as the dominant player.

Governments detail gaps in their scientific readiness for coronavirus pandemic

9 June 2020

Elisabeth Jeffries

“Our ability to recognize troubles looming on the horizon was, at best, inadequate.” 

Beat the working-from-home blues

2 June 2020

Ruth Gotian

Four tips to help researchers stay productive in the pandemic.

Coronavirus fallout puts next generation of scientists at risk

29 May 2020

Dyani Lewis

Pandemic-related measures to retain early career researchers could block the pipeline for future cohorts.

10 tips for submitting a successful preprint

26 May 2020

Jon Brock

How to stand out in the fast-growing throng.

Coronavirus cutbacks could reverse hard-fought equity gains in STEM workforce

25 May 2020

Bec Crew

Women’s jobs are “the first to go" in pandemic-related cuts.

'Zoom fatigue' is real, and it's causing a new kind of anxiety amid coronavirus isolation

22 May 2020

John Pickrell

It’s about staring at yourself, and the silences.