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Online mentoring fills a gap for young researchers

14 September 2021

Clare Watson

Study finds that virtual programmes offer a useful pathway for careers in science.

Google Scholar reveals its most influential papers for 2021

24 August 2021

Bec Crew

Early clinical observations of COVID-19 and its mortality risk factors among the most cited output, while a five-year-old AI paper continues to command attention.

Five science stars making their mark in China

27 May 2021

Gemma Conroy, Flynn Murphy & Sian Powell

With research spanning particle physics, solar power, conservation and the mechanisms of coronavirus transmission, these researchers are standouts in China’s vast talent hub.

Silk Road becomes the one less travelled as China lures science talent home

27 May 2021

Catherine Armitage & Chris Woolston

Barriers to cooperation could create a more competitive, less collegiate research landscape.

Fresh twists in China’s bid for research dominance

27 May 2021

Catherine Armitage

The nation’s remarkable growth in science publishing is showing signs of a slowdown.

The 5 most popular scientific papers of January 2021 in the Nature Index journals

20 April 2021

Bec Crew

A new approach to MS treatment based on COVID-19 vaccine tech and a sobering look at the fate of sharks and rays feature in these widely-discussed studies

Southeast Asian countries join forces for scientific strength

18 March 2021

Sandy Ong

Partnerships are a path to growth in research output.

Japan and South Korea pursue shared interests

18 March 2021

Ichiko Fuyuno

Despite political tensions, research ties are resilient.

Politics and the pandemic disrupt migration patterns in research

18 March 2021

Catherine Armitage

Researchers are watching how political and economic tensions between China and Australia will affect scientific collaborations.

Rising tide of China’s science lifts Asia-Pacific research

18 March 2021

Catherine Armitage

Thanks to huge investments in science, China is the region’s scientific growth engine and collaboration magnet

Support for new tech, young researchers is key to global COVID-19 exit strategy

24 February 2021

Leigh Dayton

A new report urges policy-makers to heed the "wake-up call" of the pandemic and shore up research and innovation systems.

The 5 most popular scientific papers of December 2020 in the Nature Index journals

16 February 2021

Bec Crew

A major milestone in light-based quantum computing and the possibility of reversed ageing feature in these widely-discussed studies.

The 5 most talked-about scientific papers of November 2020 in the Nature Index journals

22 January 2021

Bec Crew

Stronger hurricanes and controversial research on autism feature in these widely discussed studies.

AI tools measure rigour of COVID-19 preprints

12 January 2021

Dalmeet Singh Chawla

Automated reviews are picking up gaps in papers prior to peer review.

COVID-19: Where is the data?

22 December 2020

Julien Larregue et al.

Levels of open data remain stubbornly low, despite efforts to make research publishing more transparent, say Julien Larregue et al.

The COVID brain drain

22 December 2020

Daniel Hook and Simon Porter

Which research fields are losing out?

Why universities must seize the chance to help "reset" society

16 December 2020

Mark Dodgson and David Gann

Higher education institutions are the cradle of innovation and entrepreneurship. Their expertise is needed more than ever.

How the pandemic has transformed research methods and ethics: Three lessons from 33 rapid responses

17 November 2020

Helen Kara and Su-ming Khoo

Drawing on their experience working with 90 researchers worldwide, Helen Kara and Su-ming Khoo discuss the increasing complexity of the digital divide and new ethical dilemmas.

Why more conference organizers should dare to go virtual

23 October 2020

Verena Haage

Conference organizers appear hesitant to embrace virtual setups, says Verena Haage. For those that do, the benefits can be significant.

What it’s really like to do science amid COVID-19

19 October 2020

Quirin Schiermeier et al.

From Germany to India, researchers are grappling with how to run labs and lessons under extraordinary restrictions.

From impact to inequality: How post-COVID-19 government policy is privatizing research innovation

6 October 2020

Daniel Hook

Government funding post-COVID-19 will see an increased emphasis on research impact. This could see blue skies research pushed into the private sector, says Daniel Hook

COVID-19 research update: How many pandemic papers have been published?

28 August 2020

Nature Index

A briefing on developments in coronavirus research publishing.

Post-pandemic, fieldwork faces a remote future

25 August 2020

Gemma Conroy

COVID-19 is forcing researchers to rethink ways of amassing data.

Data visualizations are key to COVID-19 communication, but we still don't understand their impact

18 August 2020

Helen Kennedy

The language of data visualization has become commonplace, but their influence on public opinion and behaviour is unclear.

How to make a coronavirus data visualization that counts

21 July 2020

Gemma Conroy

It’s easy to get it wrong, so here are 5 principles for getting it right.

Scientists pivot to pitch in on coronavirus

2 July 2020

Andy Tay

Many scientists have taken on extra work loads during the pandemic. Here a chemist, a publisher and an infectious disease expert reveal their efforts.

Governments detail gaps in their scientific readiness for a pandemic

9 June 2020

Elisabeth Jeffries

“Our ability to recognize troubles looming on the horizon was, at best, inadequate.”

Coronavirus crowds out other research papers

5 June 2020

Chris Woolston

Non-COVID researchers are ‘collateral damage’ as journals are forced to prioritize.

Four tips to help researchers stay productive during the pandemic

2 June 2020

Ruth Gotian

Beat the working-from-home blues.

Coronavirus fallout puts next generation of scientists at risk

29 May 2020

Dyani Lewis

Pandemic-related measures to retain early career researchers could block the pipeline for the next generation.

10 tips for submitting a successful preprint

26 May 2020

Jon Brock

How to stand out in the fast-growing throng.

Coronavirus cutbacks could reverse hard-fought equity gains in STEM workforce

25 May 2020

Bec Crew

Women’s jobs are “the first to go" in pandemic-related cuts.

'Zoom fatigue' is real, and it's causing a new kind of anxiety amid coronavirus isolation

22 May 2020

John Pickrell

It’s about staring at yourself, and the silences.

Behind the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus dashboard

7 April 2020

Jeffrey Perkel

How a spur-of-the-moment decision went viral.