China and the United States are science sweethearts

It's hard to believe, but the two largest rivals for global science leadership, are also the closest companions.

14 February 2018

Smriti Mallapaty

Mikko Suonio / Alamy Stock Photo

Today is for celebrating relationships, so we have compiled a list of the closest couples in the production of high-quality research. And who better to top that list than the United States and China — a connection made in index heaven. The two countries might be fierce scientific rivals, but their alliances are just as hot.

In the past year, China and the US have accrued a collaboration score (CS) of 2,673. The score sums the contribution from papers with authors from both countries.

As the world’s top producer in high-quality science, the US is a cherished partner for many countries in the index. But it might not be long before China becomes everyone’s favourite science darling.

At the institutional level, researchers prefer to stay local. The top ten most productive affairs in the Nature Index are between institutions in the same country. The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences top the list of courters, with a CS of 773.

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Data analysis by Bo Wu.


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