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Department of Biochemistry, UW-Madison

United States of America (USA)

1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020

Principal institution: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS), UW-Madison

Region: Global
Subject/journal group: All

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Count Share
35 12.08

Outputs by subject (Share)

Subject Count Share
Life Sciences 29 11.22
1 0.04
1 0.38
1 0.83
7 3.24
Hepatic stearoyl CoA desaturase 1 deficiency increases glucose uptake in adipose tissue partially through the PGC-1α–FGF21 axis in mice
A chromatin-based mechanism controls differential regulation of the cytochrome P450 gene Cyp24a1 in renal and non-renal tissues
Angiogenin activates the astrocytic Nrf2/ARE pathway and thereby protects murine neurons from oxidative stress
Targeted genomic deletions identify diverse enhancer functions and generate a kidney-specific, endocrine-deficient Cyp27b1 pseudo-null mouse
The priming factor CAPS1 regulates dense-core vesicle acidification by interacting with rabconnectin3β/WDR7 in neuroendocrine cells
Obesity-dependent CDK1 signaling stimulates mitochondrial respiration at complex I in pancreatic β-cells
A heterodimeric glutathione S-transferase that stereospecifically breaks lignin’s β(R)-aryl ether bond reveals the diversity of bacterial β-etherases
1 0.05
1 0.50
1 0.28
2 0.68
1 0.27
1 0.44
2 0.38
4 1.64
1 0.09
5 2.41
Chemistry 10 2.94
Physical Sciences 1 0.13

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