Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, UR
Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie, UR


1 June 2019 - 31 May 2020

Principal institution: University of Regensburg (UR)

Region: Global
Subject/journal group: All

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Count Share
42 26.52

Outputs by subject (Share)

Subject Count Share
Chemistry 41 26.18
3 2.43
17 11.70
2 2
5 3.56
Transformations of the cyclo-P4 ligand in [Cp′′′Co(η4-P4)]
What is the role of acid–acid interactions in asymmetric phosphoric acid organocatalysis? A detailed mechanistic study using interlocked and non-interlocked catalysts
Isomerism and dynamic behavior of bridging phosphaalkynes bound to a dicopper complex
Photocatalytic carbanion generation from C–H bonds – Reductant free Barbier/Grignard-type reactions
Internal acidity scale and reactivity evaluation of chiral phosphoric acids with different 3,3′-substituents in Brønsted acid catalysis
4 0.94
5 3.34
1 0.40
1 0.58
3 1.23
Physical Sciences 1 0.33

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