Toulouse University Hospital (CHU-Toulouse)
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse (CHU de Toulouse)


1 December 2019 - 30 November 2020

Region: Global
Subject/journal group: All

The table to the right includes counts of all research outputs for Toulouse University Hospital (CHU-Toulouse) published between 1 December 2019 - 30 November 2020 which are tracked by the Nature Index.

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Count Share
22 0.96

Outputs by subject (Share)

Subject Count Share
Life Sciences 22 0.96
2 0.04
1 0.05
1 0.03
1 0.17
2 0.07
2 0.07
2 0.01
6 0.34
MINPP1 prevents intracellular accumulation of the chelator inositol hexakisphosphate and is mutated in Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia
Autophagy regulates fatty acid availability for oxidative phosphorylation through mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum contact sites
Metabolic reprogramming by Zika virus provokes inflammation in human placenta
hnRNP H/F drive RNA G-quadruplex-mediated translation linked to genomic instability and therapy resistance in glioblastoma
Resistance of melanoma to immune checkpoint inhibitors is overcome by targeting the sphingosine kinase-1
CD8+ T cell-mediated endotheliopathy is a targetable mechanism of neuro-inflammation in Susac syndrome
1 0.04
2 0.05
2 0.10

1 December 2019 - 30 November 2020

International vs. domestic collaboration by Share

  • 55.18% Domestic
  • 44.82% International

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