Neuregulin 3 promotes excitatory synapse formation on hippocampal interneurons

Journal: The EMBO Journal

Published: 2018-07-26

DOI: 10.15252/embj.201798858

Affiliations: 7

Authors: 12

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Institutions FC
Developmental Biology/Signal Transduction Group, MDC, Germany 0.33
Charité Institute of Neurophysiology (CCM), Germany 0.25
Developmental Neurobiology Group, MDC, Germany 0.17
Neural Circuits and Behaviour Group, MDC, Germany 0.11
Cellular Neurosciences Group, MDC, Germany 0.08
Charité Neuroscience Research Center (NWFZ), Germany 0.03
Charité Cluster of Excellence - NeuroCure, Germany 0.03