Extreme biomimetics: Preservation of molecular detail in centimeter-scale samples of biological meshes laid down by sponges

Journal: Science Advances

Published: 2019-10-01

DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aax2805

Affiliations: 22

Authors: 28

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Institute of Electronic and Sensor Materials (ESM), TUBAF, Germany 0.14
Institute of Materials Science (IWW), TUBAF, Germany 0.11
Institute of Technical Chemistry, TUBAF, Germany 0.07
Faculty of Chemical Technology, PUT, Poland 0.07
European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), France 0.07
Institute of Physics and Mathematics, UB RAS, Russia 0.07
Institute of Experimental Physics, TUBAF, Germany 0.05
Institute for Nonferrous Metallurgy and Purest Materials, TUBAF, Germany 0.04
Institute of Iron and Steel Technology, TUBAF, Germany 0.04
Syktyvkar State University, Russia 0.04
University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden, TU Dresden, Germany 0.04
Department of Biology, UW, United States of America (USA) 0.04
Faculty of Medicine "Carl Gustav Carus", TU Dresden, Germany 0.04
Institute of Analytical Chemistry, TUBAF, Germany 0.04
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (MPICPFS), Germany 0.04
Faculty of Medicine, UK, Slovakia 0.04
Mediterranean Institute of Marine and Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology (IMBE), France 0.02
Faculty of Biology, SPbU, Russia 0.02
Laboratory Biogeochemical and Remote Monitoring Techniques Environment (BIO-GEO-CLIM), TSU, Russia 0.02
Laboratoire Géosciences Environnement Toulouse (GET), France 0.02
European X-ray Free-Electron Laser Facility GmbH (XFEL), Germany 0.01
ITMO National Research University (ITMO University), Russia 0.01