Neutron Capture on the s-Process Branching Point Tm171 via Time-of-Flight and Activation

Journal: Physical Review Letters

Published: 2020-10-02

DOI: 10.1103/physrevlett.125.142701

Affiliations: 50

Authors: 153

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European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Switzerland 0.09
Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC), Israel 0.08
Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT), Spain 0.05
Goethe University Frankfurt (GU), Germany 0.05
Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland 0.04
Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria 0.04
INFN Section in Bari, Italy 0.04
University of Seville (US), Spain 0.03
The University of Manchester (UoM), United Kingdom (UK) 0.03
Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain 0.03
INFN Section in Bologna, Italy 0.03
University of Lodz (UL), Poland 0.03
University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), Spain 0.03
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece 0.03
University of Lisbon (ULISBOA), Portugal 0.03
Institute of Nuclear Physics of Orsay (IPNO), France 0.03
The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom (UK) 0.03
INFN Southern National Laboratory (LNS), Italy 0.02
CEA Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (IRFU), France 0.02
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), India 0.02
Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN HH), Romania 0.02
I.I. Leypunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE), Russia 0.02
Charles University (CU), Czech Republic 0.02
Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), Italy 0.01
Institute for Corpuscular Physics (IFIC), Spain 0.01
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Russia 0.01
Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Japan 0.01
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), Israel 0.01
University of Zagreb, Croatia 0.01
INFN Section in Trieste, Italy 0.01
Institut Laue Langevin (ILL), France 0.01
INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico d'Abruzzo, Italy 0.01
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany 0.01
University of Granada (UGR), Spain 0.01
University of Bologna (UNIBO), Italy 0.01
JRC Geel, Belgium 0.01
University of Vienna, Austria 0.01
University of Ioannina (UOI), Greece 0.01
Australian National University (ANU), Australia 0.01
INFN Legnaro National Laboratory (LNL), Italy 0.01
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), Japan 0.01
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany 0.01
University of York, United Kingdom (UK) 0.01
Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA), Spain 0.01
University of Trieste (UNITS), Italy 0
University of Catania, Italy 0
Dipartimento Interateneo di Fisica "Michelangelo Merlin", Italy 0
University of Hertfordshire (UH), United Kingdom (UK) 0
University of Basel (UB), Switzerland 0
INFN Section in Perugia, Italy 0