Key questions for modelling COVID-19 exit strategies.

Journal: Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Published: 2020-08-12

DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2020.1405

Affiliations: 42

Authors: 43

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University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (UK) 0.14
University of Oxford, United Kingdom (UK) 0.10
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), United Kingdom (UK) 0.07
The University of Warwick (Warwick), United Kingdom (UK) 0.06
University of Exeter, United Kingdom (UK) 0.05
Stockholm University, Sweden 0.05
Imperial College London (ICL), United Kingdom (UK) 0.04
DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA), South Africa 0.03
The University of Nottingham (UoN), United Kingdom (UK) 0.03
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy 0.02
The University of Adelaide (Adelaide Uni), Australia 0.02
North Carolina State University (NCSU), United States of America (USA) 0.02
Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), Brazil 0.02
University of Washington (UW), United States of America (USA) 0.02
La Trobe University, Australia 0.02
The University of Melbourne (UniMelb), Australia 0.02
Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM), JCU, Australia 0.02
Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom (UK) 0.02
University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht), Netherlands 0.02
University of Sussex, United Kingdom (UK) 0.02
Utrecht University (UU), Netherlands 0.02
The University of Manchester (UoM), United Kingdom (UK) 0.02
University of Surrey, United Kingdom (UK) 0.02
National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore 0.02
University of Bath, United Kingdom (UK) 0.02
UCL, United Kingdom (UK) 0.02
Alan Turing Institute, United Kingdom (UK) 0.01
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom (UK) 0.01
IBM Research Hartree Centre - UK, United Kingdom (UK) 0.01
Oxford Christ Church, United Kingdom (UK) 0.01