People have shaped most of terrestrial nature for at least 12,000 years.

Institutions Share
The University of Maine (UMaine), United States of America (USA) 0.11
The University of Hong Kong (HKU), China 0.06
Aarhus University (AU), Denmark 0.06
Duke University, United States of America (USA) 0.06
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Switzerland 0.06
National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), United States of America (USA) 0.06
University of Amsterdam (UvA), Netherlands 0.06
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y), Canada 0.06
UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), United Kingdom (UK) 0.06
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), United States of America (USA) 0.06
The University of Arizona (Arizona), United States of America (USA) 0.06
Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal (IMBIV CONICET-UNC), Argentina 0.06
The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia 0.06
The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), United States of America (USA) 0.06
Northwest University (NWU), China 0.03
UCL, United Kingdom (UK) 0.03
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History (MPI-SHH), Germany 0.03
Utrecht University (UU), Netherlands 0.03
PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Netherlands 0.03
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), United States of America (USA) 0.03