STED nanoscopy of the centrosome linker reveals a CEP68-organized, periodic rootletin network anchored to a C-Nap1 ring at centrioles

Institutions FC
DKFZ-ZMBH Alliance, Germany 0.36
Department of Functional Neuroanatomy, Uni Heidelberg, Germany 0.21
Division of Optical Nanoscopy, DKFZ, Germany 0.12
MPIMF Department of Optical Nanoscopy, Germany 0.12
Hartmut Hoffmann-Berling International Graduate School of Molecular and Cellular Biology (HBIGS), Uni Heidelberg, Germany 0.09
Center for Quantitative Analysis of Molecular and Cellular Biosystems (BioQuant), Uni Heidelberg, Germany 0.03
Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (PTC), GU, Germany 0.03
Department of NanoBiophotonics, MPIBC, Germany 0.03