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New Training to Meet the Global Phosphorus Challenge

Journal: Environmental Science and Technology

Published: 2019-08-06

DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.9b03519

Affiliations: 31

Authors: 42

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Institutions Share
Department of Biology (BI), SDU, Denmark 0.10
Wetsus Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, Netherlands 0.05
CEH - Edinburgh Site, United Kingdom (UK) 0.05
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, UCPH, Denmark 0.05
Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, AAU, Denmark 0.05
Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS, Australia 0.05
Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), VU Amsterdam, Netherlands 0.05
Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds, United Kingdom (UK) 0.05
Institute for Global Food Security, QUB, United Kingdom (UK) 0.04
School of Biological Sciences, QUB, United Kingdom (UK) 0.04
Environmental Change (TEMAM), LiU, Sweden 0.02
Institute of Crop Science, University of Hohenheim, Germany 0.02
Division of Agronomy, BOKU, Austria 0.02
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy (FKF), SDU, Denmark 0.02
National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway), Ireland 0.02
Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, SDU, Denmark 0.02
Environmental and Biochemical Sciences Group (EBS), The James Hutton Institute, United Kingdom (UK) 0.02
IPP Ingenieurgesellschaft Possel und Partner GmbH, Germany 0.02
NVP Energy Ltd., Ireland 0.02
Department of Biotechnology (BT), TU Delft, Netherlands 0.02
Smallmatek, Lda., Portugal 0.02
EuroChem Agro GmbH, Germany 0.02
Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit, University of Oulu, Finland 0.02
SEGES P/S, Denmark 0.02
Department of Chemical Analytics and Biogeochemistry, IGB, Germany 0.02
ECOSYS, France 0.02
Proman Management GmbH, Austria 0.02
Kemira Oyj, Finland 0.02
Agrana Research und Innovation Center GmbH, Austria 0.02
European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP), Belgium 0.02
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM), LiU, Sweden 0.02